Impressions, opinions.

This exposition demonstrates that with the decease of Daria Chentsova we have lost an amazing, subtle and smart artist of the future. We must think and write about her works thoroughly, trying to resolve behind these strokes, sometimes naive but full of energy of thought and feelings, the creative mystery that she took away with her.
Thinking about Daria, I recall another, also early gone artist, Kolya Dmitriev, his exhibitions and L. Kassil’s novel “Early Dawn”, written about him.
Daria Chentsova had everything to become a great and considerable master, and now the goal of those who keep her works is not to let them vanish, this is the contribution to the eternal life of the true talent of D. Chentsova.

V. Enisherov
“Our Heritage”, Chief Editor

I did not know Dasha personally, but her works make me comprehend what a light-hearted, talented and well-rounded person she was. Her work impressed me mostly with its innuendo, mysteriousness, irregularity.
I am grateful for the possibility to attend this exhibition, touch her world and see these so different images, moments of life; because not everyone has such skill and talent to show it to other people.

Alla Nazarova

I am astonished with such a tragic destiny. What an artist! What a soul! Her works and all that she left to the world being gone forever, make feel sad and light-hearted.
This cannot be lost!
Her works is her pure soul.

Paris, 07/03/07

Beauty, purity, simplicity; it is a cry from the heart of gifted Dasha. Let the delight fill everyone who touches Dasha’s art. With respect to the organizers of the exhibition and the admirers of fine arts,

Victoria Preobrazhenskaya Art Studio

The exhibition makes an astonishing impression with the skillfulness of works and the destiny’s tragedy of this young and gifted girl. “What a light of mind has faded, what a heart has stopped beating” – looks like Nekrasov was writing about her.
D. Chentsova’s graphics is especially good. Sometimes in this sketches you see a true talent, perhaps not opened yet, but one with a great potential. This artist must be exhibited and not forgotten.

B. Vorontsov
Journalist, St. Petersburg,

I have just met Dasha and it feels like my soul has touched hers. Dasha keeps living in her works; it’s a miracle that she has left here her creations, her eternal continuance. Perhaps, this is the artist’s goal; after being gone, leave a life in her creations and bring people her warm and her love.
Thank you for the beauty that Dasha left us forever!

Maria Goncharova
This is her little world; a world of emotions and contrasts. One wall reflects the world of her childhood, the world of colors and the state of her mind. However, there is so much seriousness in every picture, that it shows that even her childhood was serious, and profound.
The opposite wall is her youth; a lot of thoughts are put in every stroke. Everything is very accurate and lively. It may look like there is no lively accuracy, but she managed to compile the incompatible, and reflect all this live in her anatomically accurate paintings. I would like to hold these hands as if they would pass me some kind of gentleness.
There was too little space for her in this room. I would like to open these doors and see behind them her future works. Looking at this talent, I would like to compile all and present masterpieces that would be created.
Her paintings are very symbolic, they are like books in which you can read her state of mind.
I was astonished by her “Children”. This room is filled with her energy. If she was here, she would open all doors and windows, let the air in and let all the energy out so it would break free. Just like what she left behind. Her heritage must go further out of this room, live and bring her energy to people. We must do all we can to enhance it. She was an angel. She didn’t leave. She just returned to heaven.
Getting back to my hands, I noticed that while I was writing this text my palms were squeezed sturdily, as if I wanted to hold her tight and never let her go. But she is not a first talent that was gone so early. The talents do not stay, they leave, like whispering “so much, so good”. Good is never enough just so we would understand her deepness and her true value.
Olga Fler