Essay about architecture

    Architecture is one profession that can imply so many different skills from so many different fields. Architecture is an reason for learning everything and anything, because everything is related and depends on each other. Mathematics, Physics and other sciences, Art, History, Computers, Technology, Philosophy and many more. Nowadays one can hardly imagine that the system of creating architecture can work without one of these components. Every small, even what may seem insignificant, detail is carefully analyzed. Future technologies, latest innovations the mankind always have to look ahead of themselves and build the same way. But, at the same time, we cherish and respect the knowledge that we inherited, and not only invented.

    This is one of the things that always amazed me about architecture. The other one is, of course, the way architecture can impact people. Before, when I didnt know much about architecture, although I have been already fascinated by it, my dream was to create architecture for my own sake. Throughout my college carrier, Ive learned and experienced how significantly architecture can affect people, especially those from the undeveloped countries, and inspire them. When I went to see the movie about Louis I Khan, documented by his son, and saw the way modern architecture impacts the society on the example of his work in India Sher-E-Bangladesh-Nagar. People of India praise Khan for granting them such a gift. The building almost became symbolic for Indian people.

    Architecture is the largest-scale form of art, it is beautiful and challenging. But apart from its appearance and even may be its symbolic significance, it is also a shelter that has been significant for mankind in survival all throughout the centuries.
My intentions of architecture are simple. Architecture altered my perspective on the surroundings. It inspires me and gives me passion in life, as I am determined to create and create until my work impacts someone the way architecture impacted me.